Our website is committed to promoting alternative ideas, enabling us all to reshape our lives and ultimately make our world a better place to live in. Here are some of our random thoughts...
Decentralize Government

Prior to 9/11/2001 it was arrogant of us to keep all of our leaders in one centralized location.  Post 9/11 it borders on criminal negligence.  With today’s available technology, there is no reason that the legislators work can’t be done via email and video conferencing.  If we keep all of the legislators in their home towns, it could have many benefits.

It might create jobs by providing an urgent need to bring high speed, secure internet service to over 500 locations (possibly remote area) throughout the country. 
It might make it much harder for special interest groups to bring pressure to bear.  It might even prove to be so costly that a majority of lobbying firms will close.  

It might decrease the number of scandals that the legislators get into, because they might behave properly in their home towns.

It might increase the quality of candidates running for office.  People may run that had no desire to take on the cost of 2 offices and live most of the year in DC.

The Toilet Seat

It didn’t take me long after marriage to train myself to always put the seat down. What I am surprised with is that it took me over 35 years of marriage to figure out to never raise the seat. In other words for over a year now when I am home (or at a friend’s house) I always sit down to relieve myself. 

This practice solves so many issues. It’s quiet. No splashing sounds to be self conscious about. I can be totally distracted or unobservant and not miss the toilet. I can use the things that are around the toilet (plunger, scrub brush, trash can, etc.) and know that they aren’t covered in over splash.

Also, it was easier to train myself to close the lid before flushing when I learned that during the flush a microscopic mist is created that can travel up to 20 feet if the lid is not closed first

The Ideal

Why aren’t the politicians striving for Utopia. They are always so negative. They should be trying to build this country into a union that everyone wants to join. Puerto Rico has voted against statehood 3 times. 

I believe that we should be striving to become a country so open and accepting that even the province of Quebec would feel comfortable joining if they ever did split from Canada.

Although, until we get universal health care, I can’t see that happening.

Gun Control

I occasionally think about owning a gun, but I don’t want the responsibility of taking care of it in my house. So let’s create gun banks. They would have all the legal privacy protection that banks do. 

Then we could pass laws that hold gun owner’s accountable if they don’t take adequate steps to secure their guns and a crime is committed with it. Experienced, responsible gun owners would still be able to have guns in their safes at home, but novices like me would have an available alternative. 

This could create jobs and a whole new industry. Imagine the different levels that these banks could offer. Everything from having to go there during business hours, stand in line and wait for a clerk to retrieve your gun, to having 24 hour access (like a PO Box) with a breathalyzer check prior to a machine dispensing your gun.